*Govardhan Puja was celebrated with great pomp at Shri Jairam Annakshetra*

Janadhar News (Anurag Tiwari) Rishikesh 14 November 2023.

Govardhan Puja was celebrated with great pomp at Shri Jairam Annakshetra. On this occasion, regional MLA and Cabinet Minister Dr. Premchand Aggarwal also participated and offered 56 offerings to Lord Krishna. Also performed a special aarti and prayed for the progress of the country and the state.

Minister Dr. Aggarwal, who participated in the program on Tuesday, said that Govardhan Puja is one of the most important festivals for the people of Sanatan Dharma because Mother Cow is worshiped in it. Besides, at many other places this puja is also done for the happiness, prosperity, good health and long life of the family.
Dr. Aggarwal told that Govardhan Puja is also called Annakoot festival. Told that on this day, people decorate Kanha well in their homes and worship him after seeing the auspicious time. They petition Kanha for all their wishes and request them to fulfill them.

Dr Aggarwal told that on this day there is a tradition of worshiping Lord Krishna, Govardhan Mountain and cows. Not only this, on this day 56 or 108 types of dishes are prepared and offered to Lord Krishna. These dishes are called ‘Annakut’.

Dr. Aggarwal said that on the day of Annakoot i.e. Govardhan Puja, Lord Krishna had shattered the pride of Devraj Indra and worshiped Govardhan Mountain.

On this occasion, Jairam Ashram President Brahmaswaroop Brahmachari, Mandal President Sumit Panwar, Mahant Vatsal Prapancharya of Shri Bharat Mandir, Harsh Vardhan Sharma, Varun Sharma, former Municipal President Deep Sharma, Jag Mohan Saklani, Rajkumar Aggarwal, Jitendra Aggarwal, Vinay Saraswat, Madan Mohan. Devotees like Sharma, Jagmohan Saklani, Vachan Pokhriyal, Ashok Aggarwal, Vinod Aggarwal,Ashok Rastogi,Rajkumar Aggarwal, Pradeep Sharma etc. were present.

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