*Shehnai – Chiranjeevi Jayesh’s lucky wife Sukanya*

Janadhar News(Anurag Tiwari) 12/12/2023-
Paanigrahan Sanskar i.e. Marriage Sanskar is also considered one of these 16 Sanskars. In Vedic culture, without these 16 sanskars, a person’s life is not considered successful. In the word marriage, ‘Vi’ means special and ‘Vah’ means to bear. This means that marriage is a special way to bear responsibility.
In this series, the auspicious marriage ceremony of Chiranjeevi Jayesh, son of Anita Pandey, Anil Pandey and great grandson of Smt. It was completed properly.

Many programs were organized on this occasion. In which mainly the ring ceremony i.e. the engagement ceremony was duly completed on 5th December 2023. Tilak Utsav was also organized in Siliguri on the same day in the evening and on 6 December 2023, Mehndi Mahila Sangeet was organized at Vista Club Siliguri. On Thursday, December 7, 2023, the marriage ceremony was completed under the shade of moon and stars by welcoming the wedding procession in the afternoon and in the evening at Vista Club Siliguri.

After the conclusion of the program from Siliguri, a reception was organized at Sayaji Hotel on 12 December 2023. In which the dignitaries of the city participated and enjoyed the banquet. Those who witnessed the entire wedding celebration included uncle ji Jagat Narayan Pandey, Arvind Pandey, brother Vinay Pandey, Sushil Pandey, Shashi Pandey, Rekha Dwivedi, Shailendra Dwivedi. , Suchita Dwivedi, Supali Dwivedi, Anjali Pandey, Jeevesh Pandey, Tanisha Pandey, Reena Pathak, Ashu Pathak, Kittu Pathak, Lakshya Pandey, Shashi Pandey, Sakshi Pandey, Ritu Pandey, Jayesh Pandey, Ankur Pandey, Akku Pandey, Renu Pandey, Vinod Many people including Pandey, Shweta Chaubey, Sushmita Verma participated.

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