*Rishikesh -6 day historical cultural tour for Students by Nandini Foundation Rishikesh will start from 20th November 2023*

Janadhar News, Rishikesh, By-anurag Tiwari – On 6 November 2023, Nandini Foundation Rishikesh is organizing a 6-day educational tour to study historical and cultural information for the students who have passed the Uttarakhand Board Exam 2023 with honors and are economically weak. .

Which will be edited from 20th November 2023 to 26th November 2023 in which a tour will be conducted to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan. Giving information about the said tour, the founder of Nandini Foundation, Mr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma said that for suggestions and consent, educational A meeting of the parents of the students going on the excursion was organized. In which all the aspects of the educational tour were discussed with the parents and their consent was obtained. In which complete information related to the educational tour was given to the parents and their suggestions were sought. The purpose of this educational tour was to provide the economically weaker meritorious students with historical opportunities. Tour of cities of cultural importance and regional studies are to be conducted so that there is all-round development of the students. On this occasion, Varun Sharma, President of Nandini Foundation, Principal of Shri Bharat Mandir Inter College Rishikesh, Major Govind Singh Rawat, Sunil Dutt Thapliyal, Ranjan Anthwal Sanjeev Kumar and parents Kuldeep, Manorama, Kanti, Manveer Singh, Shanti Devi, Savita Devi, Manju Gupta, Lakshmi Devi etc. were present.

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