*Uttarakhand became a state due to the struggles of the agitators and the martyrdom of the martyrs-Anita Mamgai*

Janadhar News(Anurag Tiwari) 09/11/2023- Rishikesh- On the anniversary of the State Foundation Day in Tirthanagari, Mayor Anita Mamgai remembered the martyred agitators and paid tribute.

Late Gandhi of Uttarakhand located in Municipal Corporation. Mayor Anita Mamgain paid tribute to the martyrs in a program organized by Uttarakhand Rajya Andolankari Manch at Indramani Badoni Auditorium. He said that we have got this state in return for the struggle of the agitators and the martyrdom of the martyrs. We have to work unitedly for its development. While paying tribute to all the immortal martyrs of state building, he said that the Dhami government of Uttarakhand
With the strong willpower of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, special attachment towards Uttarakhand and the support of the Central Government, Uttarakhand is rapidly moving towards development. He said that the people of the state are fortunate that today on the occasion of the anniversary of Uttarakhand, the President of the country is in Daupradi Murmu Devbhoomi Uttarakhand.

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